This 4 piece candle accessories kit is an amazing addition to care for your Lint&Kemp candles. Not only is crafted from durable stainless steel, but it is also visually beautiful with its matte black finish.
The craftsmanship in this product is extremely high and is finished to perfection. It looks extremely opulent as a visual arrangement alongside your candle products. 

The accessories kit contains the following:

  • A Candle Trimmer to ensure your wick is at a perfect length prior to burning.
  • The Candle Snuffer is a safer alternative to diminishing the flame.
  • The wick dipper helps to straighten and realign the wick as sometimes during burning it can move. It's important to keep the wick central to the candle jar.
  • The accessories tray finishes the look of your accessories kit.

Candle Accessories Kit

  • Dipper, cutter, snuffer all 20cm length approx

    Tray L: 23cm W: 10cm




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