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Top tips to help you fragrance your home.

The first step is deciding how you will opt to fragrance your home.


Candles can infuse rooms with fragrance, warmth and create that all-important atmosphere. We blend our own wax to ensure a long-lasting burn and that all-important scent throw.


Our diffusers consist of rattan reeds and a fragrance oil solution. A diffuser delivers a constant fragrance and is perfect for greeting you when you enter a room. The perfect pic for the summer as warmth can increase fragrance intensity. Unlike candles, they do not require lighting to enjoy the scent. Simply flip the reeds often to enhance intensity.

Wax Melts & Wax Melters

Lint and Kemp have a whole range of wax melts. Over the years wax melts have become a popular alternative to candles. Our wax melters are easy to clean meaning you can swap and change the scent to suit your mood, and they look superb when lit. Still giving you the ambience a candle would deliver. Each melt can bring you up to 15 hours of intense fragrance.

The second step is now choosing your fragrance

The scent you choose can sometimes be an extension of your personality and emotions. We have grouped our fragrances to help you choose. Floral Floral fragrances range between heavy and light. Heavy scents range from lavender, Lillis and rose, whereas a lighter floral scent can be gardenia, jasmine and lilacs. Our Elegance range is a heavy floral scent and our Dunes is a lighter option. Citrus The burst of zesty distinct aromas can be formed from lemons, limes and oranges. Our Glace range is the perfect choice. With a herb-infused lemon scent, this is definitely one for a large room that needs a burst of freshness. Fresh Imagine beaches and seasides, coastal walks and open forest spaces. This range is a way of fragrancing your home with a spring-like scent. Our Blanc, Rocksalt & Driftwood and Wild Mint do the job perfectly. Rich & Masculine Choosing woody, spicy and masculine scents are ways to add depth to your home. Mainly consisting of sandalwoods and cedars, oud and patchouli. Our Eastern and Aventos range is a perfect choice if you want a more layered, multi-note fragrance. Exotic & Fruity Bursting with exotic fruits and herbs this range is definitely a way to add an explosion of fragrance to any room. If you love a deep, defining scent then we suggest opting for our Egyptian Amber, Noir & Tropic.

Choose your mood? The smell is one of the most powerful triggers for our memory and particular scents can take us back to childhood or a happy point in life. Certain ingredients and aromas can help us if we’re feeling anxious, stressed, or in need of relaxation or a burst of energy. Calming and Relaxing Aromas containing extracts of lavender, sage, light florals, vanilla and tea are great for promoting a comforting, calming and relaxing environment; perfect if you want to unwind after a hard day’s work. We suggest our Rocksalt & Driftwood, Blanc, Dunes and Wild Mint. Invigorating Scents containing extracts of orange, lemon, grapefruit, and strong florals are great for uplifting your mood – ideal if you want to enhance your concentration or need extra energy in the morning. We suggest our Tropic, Elegance, Glace and Aventos range. Romantic Aromas containing extracts of tuberose, cedar, jasmine, amber, musks, Oud and patchouli are the perfect choice for creating a romantic ambience. Our Egyptian Amber, Eastern and Noir are the standout winners in completing this challenge.

Thank you The Lint and Kemp Team

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