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How to pick the Right Fragrance for your home

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Whether you’re a fragrance fanatic or you’re new to scents, finding a fragrance you love can be a daunting experience. You’re often left to read through lengthy descriptions, endless reviews or simply going in blind and taking pot luck! However it's important for us here at Lint and Kemp that you make the right choice so you are not left disappointed but more importantly, a scent you love can truly become a part of you, an extension of yourself.

But how do you find one we hear you ask?

Here at Lint and Kemp, we have made sure that we have covered all fragrance groups. We test regularly for new fragrances to add to our luxurious lines and to date, we have tested over 100 fragrance blends, this is something we continue to do on a regular basis. For a scent to be successful it needs to meet all aspects of our rigorous checklist, most importantly having that exceptional scent throw.

The selection process is partly based on how we group our fragrances ensuring we have something for everyone designed to style and decorate any room or transform the mood for any occasion. Below we have categorised our product range into 'fragrance families' to help and assist you in selecting the right product.


Rocksalt and Driftwood

Wild Mint




Rich & Masculine




Exotic & Feminine

Egyptian Amber




We hope you have found the above information useful and have now managed to decide on what Lint and Kemp's fragrance is for you. Remember all our signature scents are available across the full range of candles, diffusers and wax melts. Please remember to subscribe to our newsletter below to enjoy more articles, exclusive offers and useful information around home fragrance.

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