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How do diffusers work?

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Lint & Kemp diffusers are a luxury essential for any room. Our diffusers work by placing the reeds into our elegant bottles.

Over time the diffuser reeds absorb the specially formulated diffuser fragrance and naturally release the scent into the air. it's advisable to also flip the reeds so that the dry end can then absorb the oil and the wet end can begin to scent the room. It's advised to do this 24/48 hours on rotation. It's also equally important to remember that this process offers a greater scent throw but at the same time can cause the oil to evaporate at a quicker rate.

The option is yours to take.

At Lint & Kemp, we have tested our diffusers thoroughly to ensure there is an adequate amount of reeds for your diffuser. The more reeds you have, the stronger the scent. The more reeds you have the less time your diffuser will last. We feel we have found a very happy medium.

Overall diffusers are a good alternative to candles as they slowly release the scent around your room without the need for a flame.

That makes them amazing choices for rooms that are busy with moving bodies or often unattended for long periods of time, eg. hallways and bathrooms

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