What wax do we use?

In our candles we use a high grade rapeseed, Coconut and paraffin wax blend. This extends
burn time, allows an even burn and ensures a fantastic scent throw.

How are the candles prepared?

None of our products are made and placed in storage. As soon as your order is placed the
process of individually pouring and creating your product begins. We sometimes need extra
time, this is only due to the individually pouring process.

Where are the candles made?

Your candles are poured, diffusers filled in the UK.

What fragrance oils do we use?

We use top grade fragrance oils at Lint and Kemp. Our oils are vegan and follow the
guidelines for the UK in regards to health and safety regulations. Each candle contains a
different fragrance oil. Contents can be obtained from the bottom of your candles and
diffusers, but you can always drop us an email and we would be more than happy to send
over any information you require.

What is the burn time for my candle?

The regular sized candle will burn for around 40 hours. The compact candle will burn for
approximately 15-20 hours.

How long should I burn my candle for?

It's important to burn your candle until the top of the candle develops a wax pool from wall to wall (around two hours). It's recommended that you burn the candle for a max of four hours while always making sure you're aware of the candle at all times!

Do our candles have any dye or other additives?

No, only wax and fragrance oils are inside our beautiful candles.

What are our wicks made from?

Our wicks are made from pure cotton yarn.

How much do our products weigh?

Our regular candle weighs 435g
Our compact candle weighs 190g
Our diffuser weighs 360g

What's inside our diffusers?

We use fragrance oils and a diffuser base that is non-flammable, eco friendly and has a low
evaporation rate ensuring you get the most from your purchase.

What reeds do we use?

We use black fibre reeds only, measuring 30cm x 4mm. The use of fibre reeds ensures the
maximum scent throw. The choice to use black reeds makes sure your product is not only
finished to a high visual standard but also reduces any sign of staining caused by the oils
traveling up the reeds.

Where can I place my diffuser when it's opened?
What precautions should I take with my diffuser?

Always store your diffuser in a safe place away from pets and children. Keep it on a stable
surface. Although the base is not flammable the fragrance oils sometimes contain alcohol so
always ensure you keep it away from any flames, any heat and do not try and light your
diffuser in any way.

What happens if I spill or knock over my diffuser?

As quickly as possible make sure you clean up and spillages and wash your hands
immediately. The contents may damage any varnished surfaces and may cause damage to
soft furnishings also.

Do we accept international orders?

We do, our pricing for free delivery does not qualify for this. At this moment in time we
require an enquiry by email for anything outside of the UK.

Where can I buy Lint and Kemp candles and diffusers?

At the moment we only provide our products on our website. We sometimes offer other
businesses the opportunity to stock our items.

How can I check on my order?

If you have received confirmation that your order has been placed and accepted then this
means we have your order and we are in the process of preparing your order.
Once your order has been processed for delivery with the Royal Mail you will then receive an
email confirming that your order is on its way.
If, after confirmation of the above two emails, you haven't received your order within 2-3
working days of being posted, then please send us an email with your order number and we
will look into this as soon as possible.

What payment options do we accept?

We accept payment with credit/debit cards via our website using the WixPayment service.
We also accept PayPal.

Is it safe to use PayPal and my credit/debit card online?

At Lint and Kemp we have ensured our website is protected to a very high level of security.
We never let anyone else have access to these details. We never share any information with
any other services unless legally instructed so with permission.

Can I return my purchase?

You can, please read our returns policy. If you need any information please contact us via
our website or email.

Can people see my information?

No one other than Lint and Kemp have access to any of your personal information, order
information or purchase history. We always respect privacy and ensure your information is
protected with our high level online security.

How can I unsubscribe from receiving emails/promotions?

To unsubscribe from our mailing list, please contact us via our CONTACT page or send us an email to lintandkemp@gmail.com and we will have your email removed from the list.

What if my product is not available?

If you are informed your product is not in stock or for any other reason not available, we ask
you to email us and let us know so we can make a note to remind you when stock is
If you have made a purchase and for unforeseen circumstances we are unable to get you
your product we will email to explain but also offer a full refund.

What if I have a complaint?

We would always recommend coming to us directly if you have a complaint to raise. We
always want to resolve any issues and appreciate any concerns or comments raised.
We are very proud of Lint and Kemp and want you to think exactly like we do!


Any products arriving at Lint and Kemp from outside sources are cleaned using anti-bacterial
cleaner. We use gloves when handling any product that is due to be sent to our valued
customers. Bare skin is never touched by your product or by any of the packaging inside the
box. We cannot ensure this policy is the same for any other business dealing with the
delivery of your product, but we know the Royal Mail is working hard to ensure safety for you
and I when delivering post of all forms.
We recommend wiping the outside of the glass and taking extra care in washing hands as
following the government guidelines.

Can I request allergen information?

Yes you can, send us an email detailing any information you require.

Do we offer wholesale options?

Yes we do. We require an email enquiry to begin with.

Can we personalise items?

We offer a personalised service that does incur an extra charge. We can add names,
business names etc onto the front of your candle. We have capacity to change the colour
contents and in some cases the colour scheme of the candle and container vessels.
Prices and information can be obtained by completing the online form on our website or by
sending us an email.

What can I expect with my delivery?

Inside your package will be your items, a delivery note and a candle/diffuser care card.

What is the membership scheme?

We offer Lint and Kemp memberships which allow you to gain access to deals, promotions, discounts, exclusive information and products. These benefits are available upon signing up on either our MEMBERSHIP page or via the log in bar by your shopping bag. Customers who join and achieve the membership milestones, will be awarded with the different badges which will in turn, offer you more perks.

How do we pack the orders?

We insure packing with no movement. However, if your product(s) do arrive damaged, please contact us so we can resolve the issue.

Can I burn a candle with a slight fault?

If your candle arrives with a fault e.g a hairline crack, chip or large crack, please DO NOT burn the candle. The product if damaged, becomes instantly void and is NOT safe to light.