Welcome to Lint and Kemp. We are a small family business based in the UK. Here at Lint and Kemp, we delight in different fragrances, and the emotions each one creates. This, in turn, led us to discover that we had a passion for the craft of candle making. After playing-around, drafting ideas and spending a vast amount of time testing different smells and ingredients, we believe that we have created a brand which highlights both luxury and excellence in our candles and diffusers.

The process from start to finish has been a journey we will never forget.! After countless trial and error, we believe that

we have created a stand out product that will offer the opulence every home deserves. 

Here at Lint and Kemp, we have made sure that quality has been our top priority.  To do this, we tested 50+ scents over a year, to make sure that we selected the fragrances that would suit all and that would create a luxurious experience.  By dedicating this time, patience and hard work, we are proud to welcome you to our world. We hope you enjoy the Lint and Kemp experience as much as we have done whilst creating it.

Lint and Kemp